Katrina L Hiott

Rural Development Specialist III |

Katrina Hiott is a lead implementor for California projects with prospects for regionalization as a solution to compliance issues or low TMF capacity. Additionally, she provides training and technical assistance to mutual water companies, nonprofits, and local and Tribal governments to improve or develop water and wastewater systems and programs for rural communities. Katrina has completed professional development courses in advanced conflict resolution and project management and has an interest in applied psychology.

Track: TAP Skills: Engagement
Title: Multicultural Conflict Resolution
Day/Time: Tuesday, 8/16 | 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Description: To have a group of people with different cultures, you do not need to have varying ethnicities or countries of origin. By nature, any group of people has a variety of cultures. Conflict amongst and between cultures arises when there are differences in norms, values, and beliefs that dictate appropriate behavior, perceptions of risk and/or uncertainty, established hierarchies, power structures, authorities, and communication methods. Join us for a conversation on how to create an environment of multiculturalism where all members of a group feel valued for their uniqueness and confidence to navigate new environments.