Donald R Becker

GIS Coordinator |

Donald R. Becker joined Communities Unlimited over two years ago as a GIS Coordinator. He enjoys exploring the recently discovered water and wastewater side of GIS and has 25 years of GIS mapping experience with E911 and Public Works for local governments as well as cultural resource management.

Although originally from Texas, Donald currently lives in Fayetteville, AR, and really enjoys the opportunity to travel within the CU region and to work directly in the communities that we support.

Track: TAP Skills: Water 1
Title: Leveraging GIS to Support Asset Management Operations
Day/Time: Tuesday, 8/16 | 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Description: Geographic Information Systems are increasingly being utilized to help communities locate and catalog assets. Asset location and description are valuable on their own, but modest enhancements to the data organization and collection workflow can optimize a GIS mapping effort to support Asset Management operations. This session will cover concepts essential to GIS mapping, data management, and asset management. Additionally, examples of the flexible and analytical GIS applications designed for enhancing asset management operations and strategies will be demonstrated.