Brian K. Brown

Business Development Manager |

Brian Brown is the Business Development Manager for SERCAP, INC. Brian graduated from Longwood College with a degree in Political Science in 1990. He graduated with a degree in Social Science from Liberty University in 1996, and completed the City of Roanoke Leadership Development Initiative through Radford University in 2008.
Brian joined the SERCAP team in August 2021. Prior to joining SERCAP, Brian served as the Executive Director of the Halifax Industrial Development Authority. He has also served as an economic development professional, leading departments in the City of Buena Vista, Virginia and the City of Roanoke, Virginia. His past work experience includes leadership roles in the security, media, real estate and architecture and engineering fields.

Title: Open For Business: Train the Trainer
Day/Time: Wednesday, 8/17 | 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Part I: The Power of a Network – Launched in 2021 with funding from Wells Fargo and the Siegel Family Endowment, the Open for Business Program brings together the RCAP network’s expertise in growing opportunity and small businesses in rural and tribal communities for more than 40 years.

Join members of the Open for Business working group to learn about how this initiative is helping the RCAP network to scale its expertise in serving rural Native, minority and women-owned businesses to all regions in our network, while building our internal capacity to co-develop and co-deliver training and support across organizations for greater impact.

Part II: How TAPs can get Involved – In part II of this session, TAPs will learn how they can help connect their communities with the Open for Business resources and support.