Alan Nazzaro

Disaster Recovery Services Program Manager |

Alan J. Nazzaro has over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors and has worked with RCAC since February 2020. His first assignment was the Camp Fire Recovery effort in Northern CA, working with the Camp Fire Collaborative. Other RCAC projects include two Consulting Teams with LISC for HUD's Distressed Communities TA Grant Program. Mr. Nazzaro manages the new RCAC initiative to implement a Disaster Recovery Services program for rural and Indigenous communities throughout the Western US and Pacific Islands.

Alan worked as a community development/disaster recovery consultant before joining RCAC, as a FEMA Community Planning and Capacity Building Division Group Supervisor for the Recovery Directorate, and as a housing manager, for the Town of Vail, Colorado. Alan's experience includes long tenures with the city of Aurora locally and with HUD in the Rocky Mountain region. Nazzaro also worked as a consultant with Community Restoration Partners (CRP) LLC, where he served as a managing partner and specialized in public finance to accomplish complicated community development projects.

Simultaneously while working with CRP, he was a reservist Task Force Lead for Community Recovery Assistance for FEMA. Alan was the CPCB Lead for the very successful effort in Saint John the Baptist Parish to develop a long-term strategic recovery plan for Hurricane Isaac, including rebuilding or restoring 7,000 affordable housing units.

Alan has a BA in Political Science & Urban Studies from Princeton University and an MS in Transportation Planning from the Polytechnic School of New York University.

Track: TAP Skills: Regionalization
Title: Disaster & Resilience Paradise
Day/Time: Thursday, 8/18 | 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Description: RCAC has been working with the town of Paradise, California, devastated by wildfire in 2018, as they redevelop their primary infrastructure and housing stock, and are experiencing a variety of impediments for citizens coming back to town. In tandem with this technical assistance has been the development of a new program to help communities plan for and mitigate against disaster impacts before they happen. Join Alan Nazzaro, the new Disaster Recovery Services Program Manager, as we tell the story of the post-fire work going on in Paradise and the development of the new “Natural Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Planning Program” at RCAC.